We at The Career Phoenix remain committed to assisting our Clients, Candidates and restaurant industry workers in general.  These are unprecedented times, we urge every to remain informed, make fact based decisions and reach out to those who may need your help.  We are not closing our business or backing down in our commitment to helping restaurant industry managers and chefs.  Please continue to read below to see how we may assist candidates better prepare to re-enter the workplace.  

Thank you and stay safe

Hol Hustus 

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Many companies have been direct by federal and state governments to offer financial assistance at this time.  DO NOT PAY A SINGLE BILL UNLESS YOU HAVE CALLED THEM TO ASK FOR A DEFERMENT OF PAYMENT. Most creditors will waive one or more monthly payments if you mentioned the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus.  You must mention the Corona Virus.  This is true of many landlords as well Some states are even suspending mortgages and evictions.  Feel free to contact us for assistance or clarification


While disturbing, it is no secret that when restaurants are allowed to re-open, there will be fewer restaurants than there were prior to this crisis, resulting in fewer management jobs and more competition for the roles that do exist.  What can you do to prepare for this new reality?  
How you spent this time may very well make the difference in a hiring manager's decision regarding whom they hire.  Be productive, volunteer, help those in need or take an on line course.  

In many cases this distinction could be a powerful "tie-breaker".

Additionally, this is the time to update resumes, write cover letters and prepare to get back to work.  

If you are a restaurant manager or chef that would like our assistance in updating your resume, we are happy to help, as long as we have the resources to do so.  To contact us, please use the email form below and we will get back to you.  

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